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How much more will customers spend on great service?

Will customers pay more for outstanding service? You bet they will – and you might be surprised at how much more they’ll dish out to be wowed. 

Customers are willing to go out of their way and pay almost 10% more for great customer service, an American Express study just found. And almost everyone (91%) considers the level of service they get when deciding on where to spend their money.

So the pressure’s on, contact center professionals. You want to turn up every experience a notch to make sure customers come back (especially if your company has or will soon raise prices).

Some ways to give customers a special experience:

  1. Use their names early and often. And share your first and last name. It’s a very simple way to build intimacy with customers on the phone and online.
  2. Give more lagniappe. It’s a small gift given to customers when they buy – think of the 13th doughnut given when you buy a dozen. It can be anything from a piece of advice – “You can enhance the experience if you check this web site before you go” – to an outright gift – “I’m going to send you a sample of our new product.”
  3. Remember them. When you start talking, say something like, “We’ve talked before, right?” If they say no, you can respond, “Well then, welcome to our company. I’m sure glad I can help you.” If they say yes, you can respond, “I knew I remembered you. I’m so glad you’re back.” Even better, mention something that came up in their last call, e-mail exchange or visit.

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