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How many customers really want your help online?

Your agents are always ready to talk, but most customers would rather never have to call you. Here’s what researchers found.

Almost 65% of customers turn to company websites as their first choice to resolve an issue these days, a recent Angel study found.

They make the online move, hoping they can get questions answered or problems fixed on their own time and without having to be on the phone. But it’s not because they don’t want to talk to someone. It’s mostly because they want to get things done on their own terms — at the time and pace they’re ready to handle it.

The biggest problem is customers often can’t find the baseline help they need on company websites. FAQs are outdated. Information is buried deep in the site. Additional contact information isn’t readily available.

If those issues are cleared up, you can eliminate calls to the contact center. Work with IT to regularly update online information to reflect the issues and questions customers address in phone calls.

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