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How many customers are likely to lose their temper?

Contact center agents, beware: More customers than ever are hot under the collar.

As many as 56% of customers get angry enough that they’ve lost their temper with contact center professionals, the American Express Global Customer Service Barometer survey found.

And here’s what they’ve done when they were that upset:

  • Asked to speak to a supervisor (74%)
  • Hung up the phone (44%), or
  • Stopped doing business with the company (39%)

Because so many customers who lose their tempers are at risk of leaving, agents want to handle them gently. The best techniques:

  • Hear them out. Let them rant, without interrupting. Sometimes, getting it off their chests is all they need to do.
  • Talk softly. An agent’s gentle voice can help sooth anger.
  • Apologize. Hearing “I’m sorry” is often an immediate healer.
  • Offer solutions. Customers who can pick from a few options will feel in control of the situation again.

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