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How long does one bad experience last in a customer’s mind?

Think you can make up for one bad experience by making the next one great for customers? Think again.

Two, three or even four great customer service experiences won’t do the trick. It can take 12  – yes 12! – positive experiences to make up for one unresolved poor experience, according to customer loyalty expert Ruby Newell-Legner.

One bad experience can leave quite a bitter taste in customers’ mouths. What’s worse, many customers may not even tell you that they were disappointed in the experience.

So agents want to pay close attention to how customers who were dissatisfied end conversations. If they hear an upset or disappointed tone, or customers continue to complain about other issues, they’ll want to respond immediately.

For instance, “I sense that you’re not satisfied, and I don’t want the conversation to end on this note. Please tell me what else I can do.”

Plus, agents will want to follow up with upset customers. A call or personal email a day later will be the first of many good experiences.

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