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How important is what you do online to the customer experience?

Customers rely on online tools more than ever – and it has a big impact on their impression of service from your contact center. Here’s why.

More than 75% of customers say the technology that a company offers – such as email ads, self-serve options and online ordering – improved their experience before they actually bought something. That had a big affect on their decision to buy, the Accenture Global Consumer Survey found.

So online tools can affect customer experiences before agents get personally involved. Here’s how you might be able to improve that experience:

  • Monitor your technology. Regularly navigate your site – especially the customer service areas – to make sure it’s easy to use. If you run into glitches, customers likely do, too. Report issues to IT.
  • Ask customer about their experiences. Before contacting companies, most customers comparison shop online. Once they do call, ask how they found you and what they thought of your online tools. Share their thoughts with the people who create and maintain the technology.
  • Offer to walk them through your technology. If customers haven’t used your online or self-serve tools, offer to walk them through it. Once they understand it, they’ll be more likely to use and appreciate it.

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