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How happy are your agents?

If contact center agents are unhappy, leaders may never get a chance to do something about it before they walk out the door. Why? Most leaders don’t gauge staff satisfaction enough.

About half of contact center leaders formally assess their staff’s job satisfaction only yearly, a Help Desk Institute survey recently found. About 35% do it more than once a year, and the rest either never gauge how satisfied agents are at work or don’t do it formally, researchers found.

Since the contact center industry has a high turnover rate (some studies say the average is 33% annually), leaders probably need to make sure agents are satisfied on the job more often.

Formal surveys or frequent one-on-one sessions may be overwhelming. So leaders can watch for these signs of dissatisfaction:

  • tardiness
  • absenteeism
  • whispers
  • avoidance of the leadership, and
  • increased bickering and complaints

Watch tomorrow’s post for tips on curbing turnover.

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