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How customers show the love for your company

Customers who have great experiences with your contact center will show the love. But how?

Good news: You don’t even have to encourage or remind them to show the love, according to the ClickFox brand loyalty survey.

Almost 80% of customers say they spread the word on companies, products and services they love, starting and continuing a positive word-of-mouth campaign.

Close to 70% of customers say they buy more when they love you, and 54% go so far as to pledge to buy a brand exclusively when they love the company, the survey found.

How can your contact center agents create that kind of never-waiver loyalty? Stick to the basics:

  • Make customers feel welcomed each time they call or email.
  • Refer to past experiences to let them know they’re remembered and important.
  • Show respect. Call them by the names or monikers they prefer (Mr., Mrs., Sir, Ma’am, Sue, Joe …) Use pleasantries often (thank you, please, my pleasure).
  • Do what you say you will. If you can’t fulfill a promise, explain why immediately and arrange an alternative.

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