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Hiring for attitude? Ask these questions

If you hire for the right attitude, the questions you ask in interviews are more important than skill tests or background checks. Here’s what to ask.

Contact center leaders can adapt these tips from HR expert Mel Kleiman at Humetrics for their particular situations:

  1. Have you ever felt you were treated unfairly in a work situation? Why? What did you do about it? Candidates with the poor  “Life’s not fair” or “It’s not my fault” attitude will become clear.
  2. Why are you looking for a new job? If candidates badmouth their current or most recent employers, you might see that they’ll never be satisfied and may carry that attitude into your workplace.
  3. I can tell you’ve been successful in your career so far. Can you tell me why you haven’t been a bit more successful? Candidates who blame others for failures or circumstances won’t likely have a good attitude. Those who are honest, perhaps citing citing a work/life balance or a desire for individual results, not the team’s, will have the right attitude.

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