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Here’s a high school that’s teaching customer service

One high school teacher is preparing the next generation of contact center agents. Will they be in your area?

Teacher Tammy Roberts is teaching students at West Nassau High School in Callahan, FL, the finer points of business – and customer service is at the top of her lesson plan.

She emphasizes the importance of doing the little things for fellow students, teachers and the school environment in her elective course, Customer Assistance Technology. The focus of the course is on business marketing, business finances and the finer points of interacting one-on-one with others professionally and personally, Roberts tells

Is the first-year program effective, helping kids get jobs in customer service? Roberts reported that three students were invited to second interviews with customer service icon Ritz-Carlton.

An idea for your contact center: Look into a partnership with a local school that offers career training courses. You might be able to volunteer to help with the course. In return, you might find ideal, well-trained candidates.

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