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Happy customers spread the word: Here’s how to help them do it

Almost 70% of customers who’ve had a positive customer experience would recommend you to others, according to research compiled by Groove.

They’re ready and willing to give you a shout out in social media, talk about you at dinner with friends, text their co-workers or even call their mother to say you’re great.

Problem is, most organizations don’t make it easy from them to immediately spread the love. Then customers move onto the next thing in their busy personal and professional lives and forget to spread the word.

That’s why you want to do more to encourage happy customers to tell others about their great experiences with you.

Here are four ways to help them do it:

Never let a compliment go unnoticed

Customers often say things like, “That was great!” “You’re outstanding!” “This has been incredible!” And humble front-line employees respond with a “Thank you,” “Just doing my job,” or “It was nothing.”

It was something! And employees who hear compliments want to immediately thank customers, then ask them to spread the word. Try this:

  • “Thanks so much. Would you be willing to share that on our Facebook or Twitter page?”
  • “Wow, thanks! Can you share your experience in your social media and tag us?”
  • “I’m so glad we could help you. Will you be able to tell your colleagues about us?”
  • “Thanks for the compliment. Can I quote you in our email newsletter?”

Help them tell the story

Some customers are happy and willing to spread the word. But they don’t have the time, reach or inclination to do it. So they’d decline – unless you take the effort out of it for them.

If they’re reluctant to share on their own, ask if you could rewrite or paraphrase the positive feedback they gave. Then offer to send them the few sentences so they can share in their social, or they can approve and you can share in your social.

Proactively grab and spread the good word

Customers sometimes just need a little nudge to share their bigger positive stories. Some proactive approaches to get and spread the stories:

  • Invite happy customers to join in online or in-person round tables
  • Set up a time to call and talk to them
  • Email questions
  • Check social media for their positive rants

When you discover positive feedback, ask to use it.

Capture their passion

For customers who are more than positive about your organization, products and experiences – they’re passionate! – capture the emotion and help them share it.

Customers can add their human side of the story – whether it’s on a podcast, through video testimonial, at a conference or in a press interview. Give them a few questions ahead of time to get them comfortable before the video or audio. You can ask more questions and hear more stories once the conversation gets flowing.

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