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How to handle the most annoying co-workers in a contact center

Customers can be the least of your worries in a contact center when annoying co-workers stir the pot. Here are the three most destructive personality types — and how to deal with them so you can get your job done.

Every contact center is full of diverse personalities — that’s what makes it lively and adaptable. But some personalities are harder to swallow than others, and if you let them get to you it might affect how well you treat customers.

So here are effective ways to deal with the most annoying personality types in your center.

The Speculator

What she doesn’t know, she will speculate to fill the gaps. Beware: Her speculations are almost always gossip. She thrives on spreading rumors and having the “inside scoop.”

So keep this in mind every time you talk to The Speculator: Nothing you say will remain confidential. Whether you’re talking about work, customers, your family or colleagues, she will tell at least one other person what you said — especially if it’s something negative.

Your best bet: Zip it. Listen as little as possible (you don’t want to be part of the gossip ring) and share nothing more than obligatory pleasantries.

The Promoter

His ideas are the absolute best. How do we know that? He told everyone so.

The Promoter will do all he can to see things his way, support his ideas and promote his agenda. He’s right sometimes, but you have to be cautious before backing him.

Your best bet: When he gets on his pedestal, ask open-ended questions to get him to clarify what he wants or promotes. Once you fully understand his ideas, decide whether to support him or back off.

The Schemer

She only looks out for herself. She wants credit for what she’s done to help the company, department or customers — and she’ll go out of her way to take the credit for what you’ve done, too.

She’ll steal anyone’s thunder, especially when she has the audience of a boss or a thankful customer.

Your best bet: Speak up. Keep track of everything you do. Take notes, if you must. Have chats with your bosses and send regular emails, giving them updates on what you’ve done and accomplished.

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