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Got clutter? Why it leads to problems – and 4 steps to a healthy cleanup

Workspace clutter is more than an eyesore. It can lead to contact center mishaps.

Piled papers, files and trash will likely slow down agents and cause mistakes that upset customers.

Streamlined, clutter-free areas allow agents to be more productive because they can find what they need and give answers to customer quickly.

To get your contact center (or certain workspaces in it) uncluttered, follow these tips from expert Janet Attard:

  1. Make three piles. One with items you need close at hand, one for items that can be archived and one to toss.
  2. Start with a filing cabinet. You need to clear out that to create a place to put the items that are unnecessarily on the desk.
  3. Take some time. Avoid trying to do it all in one day. Like losing weight, if it all comes off at once, it likely won’t stay off. Slow progress is sustainable.
  4. Build filing into your schedule. Plan 15 minutes each day to put away papers and other items so the clutter doesn’t find its way back into the workspace.

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