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3 ways to motivate agents (even in lean times)

No budget, no motivation? Not true. Here are three ways to motivate agents even when money’s tight.

Try any of these tactics, recommended by customer service consultant Mary Sandro:

  • Get excited. Good morale breeds motivation. Find what’s positive about work, customers and your company and share that vibe.
  • Measure something. You don’t have to be in the heat of the busy season or plan a performance contest to get people to care about what gets done. Have an informal count of something (from silly to serious) almost every day, and reward a pass-along trophy to a winner.
  • Share. Work with the C-level or Sales on a way for contact center agents to sell and be rewarded for it. If they’re given an incentive (a bigger paycheck), they’ll help increase company profits – and make lean times pass.

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