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Four ways to make yourself more valuable to customers

Customers only come back if they value what you offer. Are you valuable?

Here’s how contact center agents can make themselves and their companies more valuable to customers – and create stronger loyalty – from voice of the customer expert  Ernan Roman:

  • Tell them you want to be valuable. At the end of conversations, explain that it’s your goal to do what they find valuable.
  • Request to ask a few questions on what they find valuable. Most people like to share what they think.
  • Ask:
  1. Would you like to receive more information, useful tips or promotions about the product or service you just bought?
  2. Have you seen any other products in the store, catalog or website that interest you? Would you like more details on them?
  3. Do you have any friends or family who you would like me to send this information?
  4. Can I get your e-mail address to send you more timely information?

Now you’ll have the means to give them more valuable information.

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