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Got a grump? 4 ways to make him feel better

Every conversation with a customer is an opportunity to make someone happy. Try any or all of these tips and you’ll succeed.

Grumpy or perfectly happy customers will feel better calling your contact center if you:

  • Respect their time. Avoid interrupting so you hear the whole story or request. Then let them know handling it is your priority by saying, “I can tell this is important. Let’s take care of it right away.”
  • Take responsibility. Don’t blame others for any problems. Instead, focus on solutions and what you will do now.
  • Take everything seriously. It’s OK to be lighthearted and friendly, but take everything customers tell you seriously. Listen so you understand from their point of view.
  • Stay focused. If you allow yourself to be distracted by papers, e-mail or other people around you, it might seem to customers that you don’t care. Keep a clear area and mind when helping.

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