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Four ways to create a customer service culture

Customer service isn’t a department. It’s an attitude. Here are four ways to spread that attitude so widely, it becomes a culture in your organization.

These tips come from customer service and communications expert Peggy Morrow:

  1. Start at the top. Find a service champion in the C-level and ask him or her for input on your ideas and initiatives. When he or she likes them, ask for support that everyone in the company will see.
  2. Look for best practices outside your organization. Ask agents and other employees to regularly share great experiences they’ve had as customers and give suggestions on how your can company do similar things.
  3. Give agents opportunities to visit customers. Let them see how customers use your products and services to see what’s most important to customers. They can share those details internally and help everyone focus on those aspects.
  4. Be a listening post. Encourage everyone in the organization to share candid feedback they’ve heard from customers so you can adapt to changing needs and improve service.

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