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4 best ways to reward customer-facing employees

Any employee who deals with customers on a regular basis has probably earned a ticket straight to Heaven. But you still have to reward them well now for all the thankless work they do.

Customer-facing employees — your service reps, inside salespeople, receptionists, delivery people, etc. — probably get more than their fair share of negative or monotonous feedback from customers. That’s why they need special employee rewards to boost their morale.

Give them credit

These ideas can help build an effective employee rewards program:

  • Give them say in the rewards. Ask employees at least once a year what they’d like as rewards. Example: Send out a simple form asking employees to list their favorite restaurants, post-work activities and events, hobbies and dream destinations. What’s most important is that the rewards are customized to the group, or even better, to individual employee preferences.
  • Simplify the decision. Managers should reward employees for exceptional work. But to take rewards to a whole new level, ask employees to nominate colleagues for things they’ve done (and that you, as the manager, didn’t even know occurred). Outline the levels of quality, productivity and service that warrant rewards and recognition. And ask another manager to oversee the final decisions so there isn’t any chance of favoritism.
  • Speed up the process. Limit the amount of time a reward program or special event runs so employees never lose their interest in doing well and receiving rewards. A month is ideal for a special promotion. Any program longer than that will lose momentum. Also, hand out rewards and recognition within a couple of days after the event finishes.
  • Publicize what you do. Increase the effects of your morale boosting rewards by spreading the word on what was accomplished and who did well. Post it online, in company newsletters and on the walls in public areas.

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