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Does your training include this important topic?

There’s a hole in most companies’ training programs – and customers may be the ones suffering for it.

Almost 40% of executives think their organization doesn’t do enough training to improve employee innovation, a recent Promethean survey found.

Why’s this important to contact centers? If agents don’t have opportunities to innovate, they won’t build their problem-solving skills. When customers have fewer options for solving their issues, they’ll end up disappointed.

You might not call it “innovation training,” but you can include ways to increase innovation in training sessions.

  • Encourage collaboration. Put agents in groups to solve perplexing issues that your industry or community face.
  • Remove red tape. Ask agents how they’d fix real problems your customers have faced if policies or procedures didn’t get in their way. Eliminate what you can after you hear their ideas.
  • Take break. Innovating is tough when employees are overworked or under stress. Make sure they maintain clear minds by taking their scheduled breaks away from their desks and use their vacation time.

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