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Do your salespeople know this simple closing formula?

The basic formula for asking prospects to buy is a lot simpler than some salespeople think.

It comes at the time when questions have been answered, objections resolved and prospects are thinking about how a product or service will benefit them.

Three levels of interest

Prospects may have three levels of interest when they are ready to buy:

  1. Prospect indicates complete satisfaction and is ready to be asked to buy.
  2. Prospect knows all about the product or service but still needs some last-minute information.
  3. Prospect understands the product and acknowledges its benefits but still needs time to think things over.

Measuring the interest

It’s not easy to measure the prospect’s level of interest. Some of the ones who seem the most receptive are the most difficult to close. But sometimes the ones who raise the most objections move effortlessly to a close.

Trial closing

A good way to determine a prospect’s interest is to use a trial close. When trial closing, a salesperson is asking for the prospect’s opinion about the product or service. It helps measure a prospect’s interest at any time during the presentation.

Trial close on buying signals

Urge your salespeople to use a trial close as soon as they spot a buying signal. There’s usually no risk in trial closing. They may get an immediate positive response or uncover some resistance that has to be overcome before they can close the sale. It’s a win-win situation, in either case.

Adapted from The One Minute Closer (Business Plus, NY) by James W. Pickens. R. Pickens is a sales consultant and author

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