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Do you need a Chief Customer Officer?

Do you really need another person at the c-level – as in a Chief Customer Officer? If you want to increase profits, the short answer is …


Almost 70% of companies that created the c-level position in the past few years have seen an increase in financial results – some as much as a 19% uptick, according to a small study by Chief Customer Officer Council.

So who is the CCO? In many cases, the executive oversees all customer-facing departments and makes sure that those areas provide seamless experiences for customers. Plus, the CCO helps all areas of the companies and their division leaders see the bottom line results of making customer-centric decisions.

To contact centers specifically, CCOs are a direct link to the executive suites. They usually get the frontline voice of the customer (often collected straight from agents and contact center data) to the major company decision makers.

Here’s where companies pluck their CCOs from, according to research from Forrester Research:

  • division president or GM (32%)
  • marketing (28%)
  • operations (26%)
  • sales (20%)
  • service (18%)

So many aren’t coming from the halls of contact centers. Still, a CCO would be a strong ally and advocate for the contact center and its staff.

  • operations (26%)

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