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Do you make these mistakes when praising agents?

Praise can make morale soar in a contact center – unless a leader screws it up. Here are the four most common mistakes.

Turns out, managers with the best intentions of raising morale sometimes make dumb mistakes, a recent study by OfficeTeam found.

Here’s what to avoid:

  1. Messing up the details. Get the agent’s name right, first. Then make sure you know and describe exactly what he or she did right.
  2. Giving inappropriate rewards. A stapler for a 10 year anniversary won’t go over well. And a $100 bonus probably isn’t necessary for taking a few extra calls.
  3. Being too vague. “Good job” is never enough. Explain the impact the good work had on the company, customers or co-workers.
  4. Overlooking contributors. Make efforts to single out team members who helped behind the scenes, too.

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