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Do agents feel good about their work?

If agents feel good about their work, expect your company to perform better. Here’s serious research that proves the power of an engaged workforce.

Companies where employees rate their level of engagement above average also enjoy above average business results: 27% higher profits, 50% higher sales and 50% higher customer loyalty, according to JoAnna Brandi, a workplace happiness and customer care expert.

Engaged agents are the employees who feel good about their work situation, like the people they work for and with and strive to do a better job. The more of them a contact center has on staff, the more likely it’ll meet goals and keep customers highly satisfied.

Here’s what Brandi suggests will increase agent engagement (and business results):

  • Ample opportunities to use strengths
  • A sense of autonomy and empowerment
  • Clear expectations and guidance toward customer-focused goals
  • Leaders who listen to and value feedback
  • Opportunities to grow and be challenged
  • Acknowledgement for accomplishments, and
  • A positive culture.

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