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Deliver positive feedback that makes an impact on agents

Contact center leaders can keep morale high with more positive feedback. But how much?

Look at it this way: Negative feedback makes such a strong impression, it takes four positive comments to balance it, says leadership expert James Brava.

For positive feedback to be even more effective, make sure it’s:

  • Frequent. Make praise part of every day (not just at review time). Watch for people doing things right – even the little things – and thank them for it.
  • Specific. Explain exactly what is done correctly or exceptionally and the impact it had. For instance, “Tammy, those suggestions you made for the email marketing campaign were fantastic. You’ve given our team a new direction that will lead us to more sales.”
  • Personal. Deliver praise face-to-face or over the phone. An email is only good as a follow up. A handwritten note trumps them all!

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