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Cut call volume: 6 ways to create a better FAQ page

Any contact center can cut call volume by making sure customers get the best possible answers off its FAQ page. Here’s how to improve yours.

First and foremost, avoid making the FAQ page a dumping ground for every question agents ever heard. Keep it small and focused.

These other tips come from Web content expert Garret Moon, who shares his ideas on

  1. Categorize. Organize questions into sections that are divided into your hottest topics.
  2. Make sure it includes the most frequently asked questions – not the answers you want customers to have. Ask agents for the questions they hear most and answer only them.
  3. Use customers’ language. Again, ask agents to use the exact language customers use when asking the FAQs. Then put them on your page in customers’ words, not your in-house jargon.
  4. Add some visuals. When appropriate, add small images that will give more direction (for instance, documents or charts customers are using).
  5. Plan for the scan. Customers will likely scan your FAQ page, rather than read it from top to bottom. Bullet point or bold the most important information so it catches their eyes.
  6. Condense and allow search. If you have too many questions on the FAQ page, customers will abandon it and call. So limit the questions and answers and embed links for more detailed answers.

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