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Customers won’t buy if this happens

Customers will bail if this happens before they’re ready to buy.

And your contact center and agents  have a major impact on those sales.

Almost 80% of consumers say they’ve walked away from an intended purchase because they had a poor customer service experience, the American Express Global Customer Service Barometer survey just found.

Whether they’re on the phone, online or in a store, customers would rather go without a product or service because someone in a company made their experience less than delightful.

That tells you how important first impressions are. Customers need to feel welcomed and appreciated right off the bat. A few ways agents can do this:

  • Ask customers if it’s their first time contacting your company. If so, roll out the red carpet (or discounts or promotions, if they’re available).
  • Pay attention. Even when it’s busy, acknowledge customers somehow and let them know you’ll help them as soon as you can.
  • Invite them back. Before they leave, give customers a reason to come back . Remind them of an upcoming event, promotion or sale.

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