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Customers aren’t happy: Are they ready to stop spending?

Customers aren’t happy. Does it mean they won’t be spending?

Yes, most likely.

The quarterly American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) released today showed a 0.3% dip after several stagnant quarters.

Historically, people spend less in the months that follow a drop in customer satisfaction, ACSI Founder Claes Fornell. Not surprising: If customers aren’t happy with products and service, they aren’t going to spend their hard-earned cash on them.

Knowing the reasons customers are less satisfied can help contact center pros keep their customers happy. Top reasons and how to counteract them:

  • Rising prices. Customers gave food companies lower satisfaction scores because their product prices rose. To deflect unhappiness with price hikes, remind customers of the value or “extras” they get with your products or services.
  • Lack of variety . Although overall satisfaction with athletic shoe companies dropped, customers gave thumbs up to companies that invested in new specialized products. It’s a good idea to emphasize what’s new to your customers.
  • Lack of availability. One apparel company saw satisfaction drop 4% after it pulled lines from many department stores. Key for contact centers: Emphasize to customers how easy it is to get and use your products.

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