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Customers are leaving at record pace: Why?

Loyalty is a sentiment customers are willing to forget these days. Here’s how many leave and why.

In 2012, about 20% of customers left a company or organization they once gave their loyalty, the new Accenture Global Consumer Survey found. That’s up 5% since the previous year.

Why did they leave? Mostly for customer service issues. Two-thirds said they would’ve stayed if their issues were resolved during a first contact. More than half agreed that they would’ve considered staying if they had been rewarded (perhaps with better service or perks) for loyalty and doing more business.

The good news now: It’s nearly a new year when companies and their contact centers have the opportunity to keep all the customers they have and win the loyalty of new customers.

Two keys (based on what most irked customers who left):

  • Give agents ownership. Agents probably can’t resolve every issue because they don’t have access to all the information they need or intense training on every aspect of your organization. That’s OK — as long as they’re given the time and authority to tap all experts, find the right answers and deliver them back to customers personally. That ensures a one-contact resolution.
  • Reward current customers. One easy way: Honor them with all the incentives and offers made to first time customers.

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