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Customer service that was so good, it’s scary

You’re in for a treat today — three real-life stories of service so great they’re almost scary.

With all the negative social media posts and word-of-mouth stories about customer service, these tales are proof there’s more good than bad in customer experiences these days. The good stuff just doesn’t get the traction it deserves.

So forget the tricks this Halloween. Enjoy these treats of service pros who’ve gone above and beyond the call of duty for customers:

1. Signing the way to satisfaction

Kanyon Hillaire, a Safelite AutoGlass technician in Portland, OR, followed protocol at work one day, contacting a customer prior to an appointment.

When he called, he discovered the customer was deaf. That’s when he kindly stepped way outside the norms of his job.

Hillaire called a friend who knew American Sign Language and asked her to make a video message the customer would see the next day. The two of them shot the short video on Hillaire’s phone. It included an introduction of himself and his friend, who was signing, plus what the customer could expect during and after the appointment.

Of course, the customer was greatly pleased with the personal touch.

His extra effort inspired Safelite to create official company videos — much like his — that employees could use when helping customers who were deaf or spoke a different language.

2. Going the extra mile (literally)

Suzanne Laurin, a service representative at Canadian Tire Financial Services, did everything right when she had a call from a customer who was distraught. She listened closely, expressed empathy and took all the necessary steps to resolve the problem.

But a major obstacle got in their way of finishing the resolution. It was something that the customer would have to (ordinarily) resolve on her own — completing paperwork and getting it submitted by a deadline. Laurin could’ve just gone about her day.

But she couldn’t get the customer out of her mind.

The customer didn’t have immediate access to transportation or means to send the paperwork electronically — and those papers had to be in on a hard deadline.

Laurin worried about the customer and her situation until the end of her shift. Then, she took matters into her own hands. She got in her car, drove out of her way to deliver the paperwork and help the customer fill it out. Then she helped her get it submitted in time.

3. Cheering for customers

Fast food restaurants are more often associated with quick service and lower prices. They’re less often associated with exceptional customer service.

Pearl Weaver, an Arby’s employee in Camp Hill, PA, is changing that. Some time ago, her boss challenged all employees to make their jobs fun and make the dining experience fun for customers. At 89, and a 19-year Arby’s veteran, Weaver took the challenge seriously.

She greets customers with a broad smile and waves cheerleading pom-poms for them whether she’s taking a lunch order or busing tables.

She’s mentioned weekly in customer satisfaction surveys and in letters to Arby’s corporate offices.

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