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3 customer service stories so good they’re scary

Forget tricks. It’s all treats today on ContactCenterNews. Here are three customer service stories that are so good it’s scary.

They all come via happy customers who posted on at one time or another.

  • An elderly woman on a fixed income had called Iams when her veterinarian had recommended a special diet for her ailing cat. Problem was, she couldn’t afford the food. So the Iams representative promised to send an ample supply of samples and coupons to help the woman and her pet. The woman continued to call periodically to request coupons, and the Iams’ reps got to know her and look forward to her call. When the elderly woman got sick, she had her daughter call the Iams reps to make sure they were OK. After the elderly woman passed away, her daughter complimented the Iams customer service team on blogs.
  • When the friend of a terminally ill cancer patient called an Applebee’s in Arizona to arrange to pay for half of his and his wife’s dinner before they arrived, the staff did all they could to make the couple comfortable. They put them in a quiet place, offered extra help and let them enjoy a celebration of his life. Then they went one step further. The wait staff refused to let the couple pay for anything, pulling their money to pay the bill.
  • When JetBlue sent an email that mistakenly promised 10,000 miles to loyal flyers who referred others to the small airline, it might’ve revoked the offer (like another airline had done in a similar situation). Instead, JetBlue sent another email, explaining its mistake (it was supposed to be 5,000 points) and its plan to honor the larger amount.

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