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4 clues your website’s working against – not for – your business

If you sell products or services through your company’s website, it’s an obvious revenue generator. But there are lots of common, cash-sucking pitfalls out there that may be robbing it of its full potential.

They can even plague info-only sites, turning them into revenue losers and customer experience nightmares.

Putting your site to the test

A worthwhile exercise: Log on to your company’s site as if you were a potential customer.

If you’re too familiar with the site, ask someone to navigate it who’s not a regular user — and watch them closely.

Be sure none of these four costly cash traps get sprung:

1. Info overload

Put too much info on there and visitors’ heads will be swimming.

Yes, you want to talk about all the wonderful things you have to offer. But remember, less is always more.

A good rule to follow: You don’t want folks to have to click through any more than three pages to get what they’re after.

2. Sub-standard searches

If visitors plug a word into your search bar and come up empty, so will your company.

One thing visitors should never have to search for is your contact info. Your address, phone number and email should be obvious on every page.

Reason: It tells customers they’re dealing with a legit business. Plus, it shows you’re not afraid to be contacted and handle customer issues head on — a big key to creating an inviting customer experience.

3. Incompatible browsers

People use lots of different types of web browsers these days.

Make sure IT has your site set up to work with any that have come out in – at the very least – the past three years.

Requiring a browser upgrade made our list of the top customer experience blunders that will send customers running from your site.

4. Privacy problems

If your site collects user data, it needs a privacy policy stating:

  • How it’s collected
  • Where it goes, and
  • What it’s used for.

Otherwise, your company could find itself in legal hot water.

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