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How the Crime Stoppers approach can improve your customer experience

You can learn a lot about delivering a great customer experience from an organization known for putting criminals behind bars for decades. Here’s what Crime Stoppers can do for you.

Getting the right information from tipsters has been the hallmark of the Crime Stoppers. And their tactics can work in nearly any organization that must pull information from customers:

  • Know your caller. At Crime Stoppers, the call takers know nearly two-thirds of their tipsters are criminals themselves, wanting to cash in on rewards or revenge. So they know to handle those potentially volatile customers with some extra care. Try this: Draw a profile of your most common customers and the best ways to work with them.
  • Earn trust early. As you might imagine, Crime Stoppers tipsters are often nervous when they call. Reps need to put them at ease quickly. Your customers are sometimes nervous, too. Try this: Remind customers that you’re experienced and can help them through all facets of the call or situation.
  • Be softly assertive. Crime Stoppers reps must take control of calls early because there’s a lot at stake — perhaps the safety of a community. So they ask pointed questions to prevent callers from going off on tangents. Try this: Use the basics often: Who? What? When? Where? How?
  • Maintain a sense of humor. It’s a serious business, but Crime Stoppers reps must take strides to keep their sense of humor. Try this: Accept or make light, appropriate jokes when appropriate.

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