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One guy who creates an experience 99% of customers love

Wouldn’t you like to clone this guy? He’s won nearly every service and skill award in his line of work, received nearly 500 positive customer surveys, and he says with a smile on his face, “I love to help people.”

Even better, Josh Lanich isn’t what you expect — a suit-and-tie, born-and-bred contact center professional with a soothing telephone voice.

He’s a tattooed, bearded glass technician who looks like he’s more suited for a wrestling arena than he is for a Safelite AutoGlass truck.

And customers love him.

Lanich, Josh (2)

That’s no exaggeration. In the last three years, customers have completed 500 surveys on their experiences with Lanich and only two have included anything negative — and those comments were about the price of service.

“I know because I take these things seriously. I would’ve been really worried if it was about my performance,” Lanich says.

So how does the DuBois, PA-based Lanich make such great connections that kick off memorable experiences with every customer?

“I want to put customers at ease right off the bat, communicate with them, be respectful,” Lanich says.  “I tell them, ‘I do this every day for a living. I’ve probably taken care of 30,000 customers. It will be done perfectly for you.'”

Adds a special touch

Putting his 10 years of expertise on the line isn’t his only tool, though. When he arrives at customers’ sites, he looks for something to compliment and he does it quickly.

“Maybe they have a nice garden, property, car or a great Harley or muscle car sitting there. I’m going to make a positive comment on something and it opens the door, breaks the ice for us.”

He explains the work he’ll do, and — if customers want to watch it happen — he talks them through it.

Then he tries to do something extra for most customers. In some cases, it’s spraying some lubricant on a squeaky door. In other cases, he’s done quick fixes to things that needed repairs beyond the glass — such as a door handle.

Continues to learn

Lanich isn’t satisfied with status quo, either. He works to improve his skills every day. If he runs into a new situation — and it happens often because the products he deals with change constantly — he calls a colleague who might have a little more experience with it. Then he applies the new knowledge.

“I’m not in a dead-end job. I want to try something new, learn more, so I can be better.”

In fact, he keeps heading up the success ladder. He was recently named a finalist in the company competition that pits technicians against each other in customer service and technical competitions. To win, he’ll have to show his skills at repairing glass and role-play with judges who act as customers.

But the reason he’s just won the Belron Exceptional Customer Service Award is the feedback he gets from customers. He consistently rates highest in Net Promoter Scores (NPS).

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