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Choosing the right chat solution for your contact center

Chat isn’t just for the biggest and most advanced contact centers anymore. This guide can help you find the right solution for your contact center – no matter its size.

Greg Muender, a social media and online customer service expert at, compared these five solutions. One may work for you:

  1. LivePerson. With this solution, customers on your company’s site are a single click away from a text-based customer service session. Customer don’t have to dig around for an 800-number and contact centers can meet several customers’ needs at one time, without having to invest in a lot of new technology. But it’s a robust chat solution and probably not ideal for small businesses on a cost perspective.
  2. Volusion. It gives contact centers similar capability as LivePerson, but on a smaller scale. For example, the free version of Volusion is limited to a single operator and no more than five concurrent chats. But you can scale up to a bigger solution as business grows.
  3. Zendesk. It is a ticket tracking package that lets you take online customer service up a notch. Contact centers can gain a central repository of customer service information. Then they can potentially create priority levels for issues and resolutions and even implement a number of automated customer service processes.
  4. Trouble Ticket Express can be installed on a web server, and offers some of the same basic functionality as ZenDesk. There’s a bit of a knowledge curve but you could eventually create an answer library and monitor statuses.
  5. WorldAPP KeySurvey.  It gives you the ability to survey your customers right from your website. You might be able to use it for market research and evaluating problems with processes. It’s highly customizable.

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