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To keep their sales, marketing and customer service professionals sharp, companies must be willing to provide continuous training. Without training, their efforts could become stale or fall behind the times. Customers today only want to do business with people and organizations they feel stay on the cutting edge.

9 effective health and safety practices for CX employees onsite

More than half of customer service and customer experience professionals need to work onsite with each other through the COVID-19 pandemic. Here’s how to help keep them safe. 

7 essential customer service skills – and how to improve them

Customer service leaders usually look for these skills when hiring. Even when they hire them, they’ll want to help employees improve the skills. Our friends at Groove have gathered data on the seven most critical skills for customer service professionals – and we’re sharing tips on how to hone each. 1. Empathy Empathy is critical […] [MORE]

7 cool tips for social media customer service

If most of your customers were in one place, you’d probably be there, too – just to make sure they’re being helped and are happy. Two-thirds are actually in one place. It’s social media, and here’s how you can take care of them. 

Hire people customers will love: 4 proven tactics

Good customers like your products and services. Better customers like your company. But the best, most loyal customers love your people. Do you hire people your customers will love?

4 bad habits Customer Service needs to kick

Most customer service operations are plagued by at least one bad habit that customers hate. Do you commit any of the following?

If you’re part of the customer experience, you’re stressed

The people helping customers are frazzled — and it could have a negative effect on the customer experience. Here’s how to curb the stress and improve the experience.

6 customer service skills everyone needs (yes, everyone)

Your front-line customer service pros could probably teach every one of your employees a thing or two – and now, they actually should.

How to build soft skills and deliver the ultimate customer experience

People — not process and technology — have the biggest impact on customer satisfaction. Improve your people’s soft skills and you can substantially improve the customer experience.

To get the experience right, get training right first: 5 keys

You want to make the customer experience right every time. So you need all employees committed to it. But are you training them well enough to get it right?

Microlearning can take your sales team to the next level

Despite the fact some of your best salespeople are born with a personality made for the profession, this doesn’t mean they are finished products. In order to improve their chances of converting more prospects and closing more deals, they still need to undergo some training.