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Social Media

Social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+) has arrived as a bona fide marketing, sales and customer service channel. Today’s customers expect businesses to be active and engaging on social media. The engaging part, however, is difficult to pull off. Companies must be careful on social media to provide the right mix of promotional, educational, entertaining and helpful content.

How to combine email and social media for better customer experiences

Most companies use email and social media to connect with customers. Combine the two, and you can maximize the customer experience. 

Want more customers? Do this one thing

If you want more customers, don’t drop prices or even improve product quality. This is what works best. 

Online reviews – the good, bad and illegal

Most customers look at online reviews before they buy these days. Positive reviews are good for you. Negative reviews, not so good. Fake reviews, downright illegal. 

What will the 2019 customer experience look like? 11 predictions

Customers are fickle, and you can only wonder what they’ll want or do next. But this might help you stay ahead of their needs and on top of the experience: 11 expert predictions on customer service for 2019.

Get chat right: 7 steps to better ‘conversations’

Chat used to be for bigger companies with bigger budgets and staff. Not anymore. Nearly every customer service team can – and should – offer chat. After all, it’s what customers want. 

7 cool tips for social media customer service

If most of your customers were in one place, you’d probably be there, too – just to make sure they’re being helped and are happy. Two-thirds are actually in one place. It’s social media, and here’s how you can take care of them. 

Twitter and the customer experience: 7 best practices

Would anyone have guessed 10 years ago that a customer experience could be whittled down to 140 characters? Yet today, Twitter can be a powerful tool in creating bold customer relationships.

3 proven ways to connect with younger customers

If you struggle to connect with younger, tech-savvy customers, here’s help.

22 ways to add value to your social media experience

We write a lot about customers’ increasing appetite for social media. How can you possibly fill that hunger? Here are 22 ideas.

Can you build loyalty when customers are only buying online?

It’s pretty easy for customers to “cheat” on you when you have a mostly anonymous online relationship. So is it possible to build true loyalty when you don’t personally interact?