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Sales Presentations

Before achieving a successful close to a sale, there needs to be a successful sales presentation. Whether conducted in person or over the phone, there are several best practices for sales presentations that salespeople should follow in order to ensure their prospects stay interested in the product or service they’re selling.

Tips for dealing with multiple buyers at the same time

Today, many buyers have a voice in a company’s buying decisions. You may have to sell to many players who, directly or indirectly, influence the buying decision. Your level of success may depend on how well you identify and relate to them. 

The key to successful customer negotiations: SWOT

Performing a SWOT analysis (Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats) before a negotiation can help lead to a successful outcome. Combining the customer’s strengths and opportunities could give you key leverage points to offer creative ideas while selling your products or services. 

Using customers’ voice mail to get screened in, not out

Voice mail boxes are a tough customer gatekeeper to crack. 

10 critical rules for sales success

Every book on sales uses the core principles that Frank Bettger laid out in his classic sales manual almost 70 years ago. He took Dale Carnegie’s putting-people-first tactics, then added the following principles every salesperson should read and master. 

5 ways to completely kill a sale

Everyone makes mistakes. Problem is, in the sales profession, mistakes that are in human nature to make may have repercussions that can kill your career. As a result, you’ll want to take a good look at these common pitfalls and try to avoid them: 

How to win at win-win negotiating

The point of a win-win negotiation with a customer is not to divide value equally, but to increase value for everyone. When you enlarge the pie, everyone gets more, and you may go home with the biggest piece. 

Shattering the greatest sales myth of all time

Sales is a numbers game, or so the popular saying goes. If you just make enough calls, have enough meetings, and give enough presentations, you’ll succeed. Best of all, every “no” you hear brings you that much closer to a “yes.” Is this still believable?

Improve customer presentations with these 6 tips

An insight scenario is a brief story about a customer you helped in an emergency using your product or service. 

10 ways customers will try to lower your prices

Much like sales reps are given tips to overcome customers’ price objections, customers are given strategies to get the lowest prices possible.

Increase your selling creativity: 8 tips

Everyone can benefit from applying creativity.