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While prospecting is crucial for keeping the sales pipeline full of potential customers, it’s also one of the more difficult tasks for salespeople to motivate themselves to do. Why? Because salespeople would rather be closing sales than running down leads. It’s only natural. But you can’t be a top salesperson without also being a top prospector.

Prospects and customers want different things

“The best way to sell prospects is to treat them the same way you treat your customers now.” Some salespeople hear that message so frequently they consider it a basic selling rule. But it’s a major mistake.

The difference between being a busy and a productive prospector

Some salespeople like to brag about how busy they are. But they forget that “busy” doesn’t always mean “productive.”

A story that will get your people to follow up with leads, prospects faster

You know it’s absolutely crucial to follow up with a lead within minutes of him or her entering your system. But when it’s difficult to get others in your organization to take that message to heart, this will help:

Beat the 9 forms of sales call reluctance

Call reluctance limits what salespeople achieve by emotionally limiting the number of calls they make.

High-risk sales models that get results

Determining which sales model makes the most sense for your business is a little like trying to balance a scale – every change you make on one side is bound to have an impact on the other. 

Answer these 3 questions, and you’ll probably make the sale

In today’s cost-conscious marketplace, very few prospects are willing (or able) to agree to a purchase until they know the answers to these make-or-break questions.  

Plan on hand-holding buyers still wary of the economy

Almost two-thirds of Americans believe a “double-dip” recession is imminent. And that’s not nearly all, according to a recent survey. 

8 principles for finding great prospects

Selling more to existing customers is no longer enough. Successful salespeople make prospecting an essential part of their daily plan — but they have to have a plan to begin with.