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Expert tips for getting past call screeners

Many prospects use call screeners to weed out unnecessary interruptions.

Help salespeople get past the gatekeeper: 4 top tactics

A person performing the role of a gatekeeper has one purpose: to protect the decision-maker’s time. And it’s the salesperson’s job to help the gatekeeper realize he or she’s important enough to earn a meeting with the boss.

2 major traits of effective sales calls

Successful salespeople exhibit these two behaviors when opening sales calls effectively:

The biggest pitfalls your sales pros encounter when cold calling

Here are four huge pitfalls associated with cold calling – along with tips on how to avoid them:

Overcoming call reluctance: What sales pros need to know

For some salespeople, prospecting is the weakest link in the selling chain because they suffer from call reluctance. But whether they’re experienced sales pros or new to the field, they need to quickly overcome it to survive. 

Cold calling is alive and well, survey finds

Those who have been sounding the death knell for cold calling may have to reconsider their thinking. Customers are still receptive to cold calls.

The best, worst times to contact potential customers

Getting some phone time with busy people is a challenge. The challenge is a bit less daunting if you know the right times to reach out.

5 marketing channels to avoid

Is your company still using one of these tried-and-true sales models to market its products? If so, it may be time to consider a new strategy: