Customer Experience News & Trends

22 ways to add value to your social media experience

We write a lot about customers’ increasing appetite for social media. How can you possibly fill that hunger? Here are 22 ideas.

10 of the most powerful words to use with customers

You need to persuade, comfort and even motivate customers every day. Choose the right words, and you can accomplish that … and more.

3 ways to increase buying and revenue

“It is less expensive to keep the customers you have than to try to go out and win new customers,” said Bill Gessert, president of the International Customer Service Association. 

7 customers you want to fire in 2016

Firing customers might seem unthinkable. But giving the boot to some customers could actually help your bottom line.

The customer journey has changed — yet again

First, the customer experience was described as the classic “sales funnel.” Then, the Internet caused it to morph into the “decision journey.” Now, another change is on the horizon.

7 ways to make tweets, posts and all customer content better

Customers will only read what you write — in social media, email or marketing collateral — if the content is worthwhile. These writing tips will help you make it just that. 

The new B2B experience looks a lot like the B2C one

The line has blurred between the B2B and B2C customer experience. Here’s what B2Bs can learn from B2Cs.

5 time-worn, offline marketing tactics that still pay off

Forget sexy and mobile. With so much emphasis on Internet, social and mobile marketing, we’ve lost sight of some tried-and-true tactics that still work amazingly well.

Landing corporate clients: 3 ways small firms can beat the competition

Between fierce competition and across-the-board spending cuts, it’s become increasingly difficult for small businesses to get those lucrative corporate accounts. But the right approach can give you an edge.

Top tactics for dealing with customer complaints

Football coaches devoted to the running game have a saying: When a quarterback throws a pass, three things can happen – and two of them are bad.” When customers aren’t happy, three things can happen, and two of them are bad, says William T. Brooks, author and sales consultant: