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Marketing is where the customer experience begins. If your marketing communications don’t strike a chord with customers you won’t have a chance to deliver strong sales and service experiences.

The sweet spot: 7 things millennials want from email, how to give it all to them

Millennials are notoriously complex customers — they’re digitally savvy and one of the most highly engaged and social demographics to date. In short, they can represent the most ideal and frustrating customer segment all rolled into one. 

Surprise: This is biggest influence on customers’ decisions to buy

Ever order a sandwich because your friend or spouse did, and it just sounded good? That simple act could be the best lesson you’ve ever had in why customers buy — and how you can get them to buy more.

Want to improve? Ask yourself these 9 questions

When it’s time to improve the customer experience, ask questions before you take action. This guide will help.

13 ways to get worthwhile results from online surveys

Online customer surveys are convenient — but often met with apathy. Here are 13 proven ways to get worthwhile results from your surveys.

Powerful, low-cost marketing tactics you can try today

Getting customers to know your name and good service reputation can bolster sales and delight more customers. That’s where marketing can make the difference. 

7 ways to make tweets, posts and all customer content better

Customers will only read what you write — in social media, email or marketing collateral — if the content is worthwhile. These writing tips will help you make it just that. 

Are you really driving customers to action?

Are you doing things that make customers want to buy, learn or interact more? Most customer experience leaders admit that they …

The No. 1 way customers want you to contact them

Customers still want to call you. But when you want to tell them something, this is how they prefer you do it.

5 time-worn, offline marketing tactics that still pay off

Forget sexy and mobile. With so much emphasis on Internet, social and mobile marketing, we’ve lost sight of some tried-and-true tactics that still work amazingly well.

5 proven ways LinkedIn can improve the customer experience

LinkedIn has evolved into a powerful tool in the fight to get the customer experience right. These five companies are some of the savviest, using the platform to build their reputation and customer relationships.