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Email Marketing

Email marketing produces the highest return on investment (ROI) of any marketing channel for two reasons – it’s inexpensive and it’s highly effective. But it’s only effective when careful attention is paid to deliverability, list growth and maintenance, content relevancy, and timing.

5 ways to make transactional emails better

Those easy emails – the kind you send to confirm orders or to notify customers of a shipment or order changes – can be so much more than transactional messages. When done well, they can be customer relationship builders.

4 tips for sending better email to customers

Email plays a role in the customer experience, yet most of us are getting sloppy with it.

4 things customers say they want from your email

Naysayers have been predicting the death of email for years now. But the fact of the matter is (thanks the proliferation of mobile devices), email is seeing a resurgence in effectiveness. And a recent study has proven buyers are still willing to purchase products in droves via email. There’s just one catch.

Improve email ROI: 5 marketing must-haves

As more companies vie for customers’ attention, email marketing’s become an increasingly delicate art form. And as a result, improving performance requires a laser-like focus on at least one of five areas:

The 4 worst email myths that destory the customer e-experience

Warning: There are lots of so-called email “best practices” being passed around that are just plain false. Putting them to use can spell doom for the customer experience, revenue projections and future email deliverability.