Customer Experience News & Trends

Back to school: How colleges are improving the customer experience

You work hard to create great customer experiences. And now colleges are working to help you make them even better. Here’s how, why and what you can do to maximize the effort. 

4 powerful phrases for difficult conversation

You won’t always have the right words for customers. But if you have a few “power phrases” ready for potentially difficult conversations, you’ll likely hit a right chord and create a good customer experience. 

3 ways to create better content for customers

Customers can’t enjoy your experience until they decide to engage with your company. Great content will get them engaged.

Time to rock National Customer Service Week

Whether your customer experience professionals work on-site or remotely, it’s the time of year to celebrate them, your customers and all the great experiences. It’s almost National Customer Service Week – and we have plans for you. 

How to give a good response to a bad customer review

You got a bad review. Whether it was a fair assessment of the customer’s experience or not, you need to make a good response. Here’s how. 

5 tips to build customer loyalty

Good salespeople and great service professionals are the key ingredients to customer loyalty. Here are five ways they can come together to build it. 

5 ways to encourage remote CX employees

Supporting customers is challenging work. Doing it from home adds another taxing layer. Here’s help to support and encourage remote employees. 

4 CX feedback improvements with big impact

When close to everything is in upheaval, you probably want to make the smallest changes with the biggest impact on an improved customer experience. Here’s the help you’re looking for. 

How to help your remote CX team excel

Whether your CX team is side-by-side and socially distanced or working remotely, you want them to do the best job possible for customers.    

Want to improve the customer experience? Act like a startup

Author Karen Lamb wrote, “A year from now, you will wish you had started today.” It’s a mindset the fastest-growing startups have taken toward the customer experience. And any organization that wants to improve the customer experience will want to take it up, too.