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Customer Experience

Customer experience is the sum of all interactions a customer has with a single business over the duration of the customer/business relationship. To gain and keep customers, companies need to provide outstanding experiences across all facets of that relationship – including via sales, marketing and customer service interactions.

6 steps to set (and meet) better customer experience goals

Everyone wants to improve the customer experience, but many don’t know where to start. This guide will help. 

Customer Service Week alert! It’s always a good time to plan

National Customer Service Week happens every year, and we have ideas you can use to get ready.

How to get more customer feedback

Can you do a good job if you only have a third of the information you need to get the job done? Probably not – yet that’s what most companies do every day. 

3 ways to improve customer experience with a local touch

According to Gartner, customer experience is one of the top three areas of marketing investment, proving that those sharing your market space already have their eyes on the prize. One great way to enhance the customer experience is through content localization – or adapting a product or content to a specific locale or market. Translation is […] [MORE]

Surprise! Here’s how customers want to communicate with you

Customers want to talk to you. Are you ready to have conversations where they want to have them? 

4 email best practices to boost sales

Email is the easiest way to stay in touch with customers. And if done right, it’s a valuable tool for selling more to customers. 

5 ways to improve B2B customer relationships

Some companies squander the opportunities to build better B2B customer relationships. Here’s where they go wrong, plus five steps to enrich yours. 

5 tactics to improve customer service

Great customer service doesn’t have to come at great expense. In fact, it can be as simple (and inexpensive) as a six-pack of beer. 

Top 3 things customers hate about service

If you want to improve the customer experience, focus on the three things customers say frustrate them most.

Customer service has gone to the dogs (and that’s a good thing)

Make your customers the stars – whether they’re B2B, B2C, canine or feline. That’s just one great strategy from the pet industry that any organization can use. 

5 Essential Strategies for Managing a Multi-Generational Workforce in Your Contact Center

Take a couple minutes today and simply look out onto the production floor of your contact center. Chances are pretty great that you are seeing a diverse group of people that span across several generations.  Read more!