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Customer service is the last link in the customer experience chain (marketing>sales>customer service) but is by no means the least important. Strong service after the sale is the biggest contributor to customer loyalty behind product quality and performance.

Worst things you can say to customers post-pandemic

The coronavirus has disrupted enough as is. You don’t need a coronavirus faux pas to disrupt any customer experience going forward. So be careful what you say. 

3 keys to help your remote CX employees thrive

Can your customer experience be better from home? With more CX professionals working from home these days, it has to be. 

COVID-19 just made customer service work a lot harder: Here’s help to keep up morale

While many employees are working less because of COVID-19, customer service professionals are working harder than ever. Their hours are longer. The demand is complex and draining. 

7 essential customer service skills – and how to improve them

Customer service leaders usually look for these skills when hiring. Even when they hire them, they’ll want to help employees improve the skills. Our friends at Groove have gathered data on the seven most critical skills for customer service professionals – and we’re sharing tips on how to hone each. 1. Empathy Empathy is critical […] [MORE]

Why good isn’t good enough – and how to get better

More than two-thirds of customers say their standards for the customer experience are higher than ever, according to research from Salesforce. They claim today’s experience often isn’t fast, personalized, streamlined or proactive enough for them. Yep, you might have thought that something — not everything! — was wrong. But customers have gripes that run the […] [MORE]

Here’s proof customer service is most critical part of your company

Without great customer service, your company could sink! Scary, but research-proven true. Here’s what you need to know (and do). 

2 of the most effective ways to calm upset customers

You can’t improvise when it comes to upset customers. You need a plan in place to cool the situation – and here are two. 

Happy Customer Service Week! 5 quick ideas to celebrate

Here’s how you can celebrate National Customer Service Week.

Customer Service Week alert! It’s always a good time to plan

National Customer Service Week happens every year, and we have ideas you can use to get ready.

Surprise! Here’s how customers want to communicate with you

Customers want to talk to you. Are you ready to have conversations where they want to have them?