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Can you guess how many people in your contact center are stressed?

Everyone knows High-Strung Harry is stressed. But the large number of other agents in your contact center who are stressed may shock you.

Almost 75% of employees feel stressed by their jobs, a recent Harris Interactive study found. On the bright side, only 4% of workers blame their bosses for adding to their stress levels.

Here’s what they say stresses them:

  • Low pay (11%)
  • Annoying co-workers (10%)
  • Commute (9%)
  • Workload (9%)
  • Working outside chosen career (8%)

As a leader, you might be able to help agents curb some of these stressors (such as commute and pay scales). One way you might be able to control stress — take a step back.

Give agents as much control as possible over how their work gets done. If they’re working in a manner that suits them — and still meeting or exceeding expectations — their morale will increase and stress will decrease.

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