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C-level blog shows how to build sales without tech smarts

Don’t think you can blog? Think again. You don’t need to know about blogging. All you need to do is do what you do well. Talk. Think. Reflect. All the things that most C-level execs can do in their sleep.

And why would you bother?

Search engines love blogs. They boost organic search engine traffic (the free results). And blogs position you and your company as thought leaders in your niche.

For a low-tech example by an old-fashioned CEO, check out the blog by Bill Marriott, CEO and chairman of the Marriott Hotel Group.

The beauty of his blog is that it can be done by any company, big or small.

Marriott simply does what he knows best. He talks about his industry, his family and his hotel chain. He records his blog posts as audio. Someone transcribes the audio, and loads the audio and the transcript on the blog.

It’s a great platform for Marriott to talk about:

  • Changes in hotel policy, like the decision to stop delivering a newspaper to every guest, and
  • Promotions like the new global rate.

And it’s paying off. The company estimates that the link on from his blog, MarriottontheMove, to the hotel chain’s main site has generated sales of more than $4 million.

So start dictating.

Julie Power writes the Internet Marketing Report and the blog,

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