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Blogging for business: 5 crucial steps

You can maximize the profitability of corporate blogs by making these five steps part of your regular process: 

  1. Include a variety of valuable keywords: Via your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts, determine 200 or so words or industry terms that rank high on Google, Yahoo and several other search engines. Some companies are finding what’s even more valuable is to determine which words or terms customers type in most on your website’s “search by keyword” function. This provides a more accurate gauge of why customers visit your company’s website in the first place.
  2. Include several embedded links: Research has proven adding embedded links on highlighted terms on your corporate blog or company website (i.e., links that take customers directly to landing pages for one of your products or services) increases online revenue by as much as 93%.
  3. Repost a link on each of your company’s social media feeds: In most cases, social media is the most direct line companies have to their audience. Social media attracts more qualified prospects to your blog, it provides the opportunity for an online discussion, and it increases the chance more customers will repost your link on their social media feeds.
  4. Send a weekly email blast with your top five posts of the week: Sending daily emails will only cause customers to tune you out. But once a week or so, provide a “Best of” email so customers can pick and choose the posts they like most.
  5. Become a part of the discussion: Monitor the feedback customers provide via email, social media or in the comments section below each blog post. Depending on the feedback, it may provide the opportunity to build stronger relationships with customers by either agreeing with them publicly, or emailing them privately to put a positive spin on any negative feedback.

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