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Better training in 7 steps

This year, make every training session a success with these seven fresh tactics.

Agents will be eager to learn at each session and retain more information, says teambuilding and training expert Guy Farmer.

  1. Set aside a regular time for training. Schedule it like any other task so it doesn’t seem like an extra thing for anyone to do.
  2. Support agents after training so they keep practicing new skills. Send reminders on the new information. Be available to help immediately.
  3. Budget for training.  Make it a top priority budget item so it is treated as so.
  4. Focus on positive behaviors. Don’t just try to fix what’s wrong. Emphasize what agents do right.
  5. Make training a reward. Add a fun element to sessions – such as prizes – so employees look forward to training. Reward them for putting the material into practice.
  6. Set specific goals so you can measure success. You can only reward reps if everyone knows the goals and deadlines to meet them.
  7. Train others to lead so more people get involved with fresh ideas and approaches.

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