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Better training = better service: 3 surprising tricks for training success

No one wants training to be like a trip to Vegas — as in “what happens in training stays in training” — especially when it’s meant to enhance the customer experience. So here are three ways leaders can make sure training will lead to better customer service.

Whether the team is training in a classroom, online or at an annual industry event, it’s vital they remember and practice what they learn.

“When people realize that their training helps them be more successful and provides them with the tools to do their jobs better, they will soak up every opportunity you give them to learn,” says Bill Gessert, Chief Experience Officer of the Professional Association for Customer Engagement (PACE).

Share these strategies to help your service and sales pros retain more from every training opportunity they have:

Hand out pens, not computers

Researchers have suggested that people retain information better when they take notes rather than type the information they hear. Note-taking requires more effort, and service pros will likely put details in shorter form that’s easier for them to remember.

Forbid distractions

People may say they can’t live without their cell phones and PDAs. Truth is, they can’t learn with them.

Make training rooms a no-phone zone so everyone can concentrate on the information. If it’s a long session, give employees regular breaks to check their electronic devices outside the room, where they leave them when they come in for training. If your people are away at a training or industry event, leave them alone. Let them know you won’t contact them with work-related items so they don’t have to keep their devices handy.

Show how it’s worked

Follow up on training with information about how the lesson made a difference. Share details as quickly as possible on how mistakes went down or performance went up. Congratulate the efforts and reward them, if possible.

Ask people who went away to training to share what they’ve learned in sessions with the rest of the staff.

“No matter how much time you devote to training, if the training doesn’t help people do their jobs better, your investment is a loss, says Gessert, who will present at the The PACE National Convention and Expo in Hollywood, FL, April 2-5.

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