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Best ways to handle criticism from customers

For all the good things customers have to say, it’s the few bits of criticism that tend to stick with us. Here’s how to move on when customers criticize.

Unfortunately, some customers make personal criticisms at agents  – and those don’t roll off the back as easily as jabs at products or services.

So expert Michele Pariza Wacek suggests agents follow these four steps to rebound after dealing with a critical customer.

  • Don’t be so brave. Understand that you aren’t alone – nearly every agent has been unnecessarily attacked. Turn to them for the first shot of moral support.
  • Separate the truths from the emotions. Customers who criticize are often full of anger for many reasons. Take notes, separating facts from emotions to see what you must do (on the fact side) and what you should likely take with a grain of salt (the emotional side).
  • Let it out. If time allows, call a friend or family member who will let you blow off steam and reassure you it will be OK. Or take a walk, have a cup of tea or soda or just breathe slowly.
  • Pass it along. When possible, work with a co-workers or pass it on to someone who hasn’t been subjected to the criticism. They can help get the job done.

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